Thursday, November 15, 2012

Juliet | Houston Newborn Photographer

Introducing pretty little Juliet!  I flew to California to meet her.  She is actually extra special to me...she is my newest niece!  Since my parents are out of the country, serving a mission in Kenya, Africa, I begged my sis, Lyndsey, to let me come and "play Mom" and take care of her and her family for a week after she had her baby.  How could she say no to free help, right?  I cooked, cleaned, erranded, organized, chauffeured, photographed...oh and held and snuggled the cute baby bundle a bit too!  I loved every second of the whole week.

Here is her cuteness in bits and pieces.
And here she is whole.
Quite a bit of expression for a newborn in the space of a few minutes.
This baby was born into a long line of familial knitters...hence the hat.  My sis picked up the skill from her husband's fam.  I have reaped the benefits of her talents.  I have a cozy pair of grey chunky knit leg warmers that I pull out every chance I can here in Houston.
I was eyeing the beautiful fall leaves dropping from a tree in the neighbor's yard all week.  I thought it would be fun to photograph the baby in some way capturing the season she arrived with the leaves.  Of course the morning we were doing the pictures the neighbor had raked all the leaves up into piles.  So maybe my sister and I bundled up the baby on the crisp cool morning and asked the neighbor if we could scatter the leaves back out for our pictures.  She said sure and was totally amused with the baby all packaged up in the basket.

Juliet and Family- Thanks for the fun times in No Cali!  Miss you.  Love you.  Can't wait for next time!

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